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Our core business lies in the development, production, and distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products

We will provide branded products and services of
that improve the lives of the EGYPT’s consumers, now and for generations to come




OUR history

If it were not for the clarity of our vision, we would not be able to withstand the challenges of
weak international relations, and economic transformation.

The company’s beginnings were at a difficult phase in the political and economic history of Egypt.

And attitudes and consequences we had to deal with them first as a fact that we must overcome and secondly as an opportunity to exploit this transformation to stabilize the company’s assets in the Egyptian market




since the first moment of the birth of the company and we aim to become one of the leading companies in the field of cosmetics



1000 mile journey starts with one step


In 2014, two products were produced:
to be a nucleus for what will later be successes

  • If it were not for the clarity of our vision, we would not be able to withstand the challenges of the Egyptian economic reality that accompanied the first years of the establishment – revolutions, protests, weak international relations, and economic transformation.
  • By the end of 2014, the company was ready to offer more products and penetrate more markets relying on the confidence that enabled us to work under difficult conditions because of the onset of symptoms of weakness of consumption on the Egyptian market affected by the economic transformation

The beginnings are always difficult, but with difficulty beginnings and experiences are composed of which we draw experiences and lessons that teach us that persistence and learning from mistakes are the basic approaches that are committed to those who want to achieve success.


We at HK aiming to achieve a lead in the field of manufacturing cosmetics for women, children and cosmetic industry in Egypt and to be the first choice for consumers and this vision has taken responsibility and stimulated within our energy to continue despite the obstacles And political changes and economies that affect many industries and inhibit vision


Where there is no vision, there is no hope.


 5 new products launched in the market margo mouth wash, saldena cream ,vulclear cream proker hair lotion degol diaper rash cream

year 2015, the quality of the transfer to us as we have achieved the objectives of the basic and was the beginning of the formation of the intention of many of the brands that we will invest in the future, every brand created in HK is a destination for full marketing plans to ensure diversity and ensure our customers to different products High quality and competitive prices what, makes us different from others is the clarity of our vision..

Survival policy


making a start

2016 is the most difficult year in our journey, as Egypt experienced great difficulty in managing its resources from foreign trade, which negatively affected the availability of the basic production resources, which were driven by high prices due to the unavailability of the dollar and its high price.

Before the end of the year, He made it to many companies that were not prepared to survive and face inflation and stagnation

Survival policies have been the main objective of the company this year and the company has succeeded in continuing to expand the pumping of two new products to the Egyptian market proker Shampoo and proker Balsam and became the product of proker is the first of our brands , which turns into a diverse line of products, which contributed to support the company and improve Image and support strategies for expansion and survival

We work together as a team and we share our ideas and best practices.

Team formation

Over the past years, creating a team with a mental mind has been a key goal for us. Over the next few years, we are investing in members of HK teams who want to be convinced that they are the cornerstone of the success of HK trade.

our culture

Our meetings help our growth colleagues personally and professionally. We work diligently without pressure, but we have fun in what we do.

determining your goals

Our goals were to expand our production open new markets and improve our product portfolio
client satisfaction
Accepted Cases
Success Rate

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

we are committed to helping our community by providing them with medical information with scientific references and advice that help them to be aware of there future selections 

what do you need?

2017 -we work hard
in all fields

Number of new products 3 – proskn- Comedo – cangoo

Our values determine who we are. Are the basic beliefs to reach success and create a unique work environment.

The company managed to continue its upward trend despite the continuation of the negative effects of the float

It is our guide and behavior officer. It affects the way we work with each other – the way we serve our customers and deal with our communities.

We strategically focus on our work on reviving values.


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"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
haytham khalifa

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we have 5 years experince in egyptian market , exporting our products to arabian countries and have more than 18 product in egyptian market 

you can contact us in different ways by facebook and through email and our products available online in jumia and souq and noon and offline in most pharmacies in Egypt 

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