Global Family Day

International Family Day Share with the International Day of Peace

Global Family Day is celebrated every January 1st. This holiday is recognized by many people who want to spend one day with their family.
Unlike many other international celebrations and days, International Family Day automatically appears on Unofficial Holidays, which is why it is so difficult to find the person or organization responsible for its creation. However, this holiday is gaining more and more popularity and is being celebrated by many people.

The history of World Family Day begins with the announcement of the United Nations General Assembly in the first year of the millennium to begin the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. This event started with the celebration of One Day in Peace, and later the International Family Day, also known as “One Day of Peace and Participation.”

Although World Day is currently celebrated exclusively for families in the United States of America only, we at HK Want to encourage all families around the world also to participate. Regardless of country, religion, race, or political affiliation, all families must gather on the first day of the year to spend this time in peace and sharing love with each other.

Why is January 1 a Global Family Day ?

January 1 is usually always considered a new start day. New Year decisions that generally involve some effort to adjust behavior and usually lead a better life are usually made.

Reducing consumption of chocolate or alcohol, quitting smoking or doing more exercise is common, if not always, intentions. And changing habits with the beginning of the year arrives at popular thought. Who among us does not remember the popular song of the late Egyptian folk singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim, in which he said, “From January 1, salvation of Hashil Hadid”

History of World Family Day

On a broader scale, it has become a traditional day to consider ways to promote peace, both within communities and in the world at large.

In November 1997, the United Nations General Assembly issued a declaration that the first year of the new millennium would see the launch of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World and that the contract should be a “one day of peace”.

In November 1999, a formal invitation to participate was sent to all UN member states, and the announcement was soon followed by a vote in the US Congress that endorsed this by creating the first day of the year as a special time of peace and participation.

Although not adopted globally, the first “Peace Day” was so important that the United Nations in 2001 established this celebration as an annual event. Today this event is known as World Family Day and is known by more than two-thirds of the world’s population.

The initial thoughts on World Family Day are that it simply relates to the celebration and the love of your family unit. This is, of course, the most important and is only true and appropriate. The family unit is one of the most important groups in existence, providing leadership, direction and mutual support, but it can take many forms.

In all cases, there will be ahead of the family, traditionally but not necessarily the oldest male member, who will lead the leadership. The younger members of the family group will learn from the elderly as they prepare for adulthood.

While the family group in the western world is generally considered to be a mother, father and one or more children, family units in other parts of the world are expanded to include other relatives in addition to parents and children as the family clearly grows in Arab societies.

Families always have high expectations for quality care for elderly relatives, who are senior members of the family group. Traditionally, this was the responsibility of the extended family, but in developed countries in what is called the modern world, this is a “duty” that now often passes to another person, usually at a great expense. Many other cultures continue to regard elderly care as a family responsibility.

How to celebrate International Family Day

It is suggested that International Family Day is a day to participate. Activities can be somewhat modest, but they can be far-reaching. Families can gather and share food in small and simple food celebrations where they can make personal pledges to promote the message of peace around the world.

Another way to celebrate the day is to communicate with people in the community and neighborhood, especially people who live alone or with people who may have lost contact with them. Modern methods of communication can be used where appropriate.

Personal undertakings of the future can be exchanged with loved ones, and it must be remembered that there is always room to look at personal accomplishments over the past year and to create a small space for some self-congratulations.

There are countless ways to celebrate International Family Day, but whatever way we choose to spend the day, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on other members of the global family. We may live thousands of miles away from each other and have vastly different habits and lifestyles, but global peace will never be guaranteed unless we increase our understanding of our fellow human friends.

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